Thomas, The Cranky Cat

Thomas had been at the shelter for a long time, and was not happy about it.

Thomas had been at the Shelter for over a year. He was not happy about it.


Thomas Comes Home

He haunted the perimeter of the cement exercise area, seeming to be trying to melt through the wire fence. He hadn’t felt the grass under his feet for such a long time.

The staff told me that it was his demeanor that stopped him from being adopted. He was a good looking, mainly white cat with a tabby tail. However, he was “on special” to help hasten his adoption. How undignified.

I went home with a lovely cat called Shirl that day, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Thomas. I discussed the situation with Shirl, and he agreed that we should adopt Thomas. A week after I brought Shirl home, I adopted Thomas.

It was a big day for him, and he wasn’t quite sure what was going on. He inspected the house at Cygnet with the warmth of a drill sergeant. He dismissed Shirl on sight. Shirl was of no importance to Thomas. He would not be held in his safe room; he had a lot of discovering to catch up on.

Thomas stalked around the house and found a TV in front of a window. He jumped up onto it and stared out at the world. He looked up at me and was clearly asking me to let him out. I patted him and told him to be patient.

Thomas continued to actively ignore Shirl, who was curious and wanted to chat to him.

The longed-for morning came a few days later when I let him out into the back garden. He was overjoyed and tried to sniff every leaf and twig in the first five minutes. This was what he had been waiting for.

Thomas Chooses His Own Forever Home

We fell into a routine, out during the day and in at night. I was out in the garden one day when I noticed that Thomas was lying on a chair on my neighbor’s back veranda. He looked happy and relaxed. I called him. He looked at me briefly but then resumed his nap. That was when it started. He gradually moved next door.

My neighbors had told me previously that they had had three cats when their children were young. Each cat had been run over on the busy road. After the third heartbreak, they decided to have no more cats.

Thomas was different. He didn’t want to go anywhere near the road. I once saw him going next door by the way of the top of the driveway instead of over the fence. He pressed himself against their front fence in order to keep as far away from the road as possible.

I spoke to my neighbors and apologized for Thomas making himself at home on their veranda. The lady told me that they loved having Thomas there, and were even feeding him.

Thomas was a different cat in his new house. He was a happy boy and appreciated every single day. I decided that he must be the type of cat that needs to be the only cat in the household.

Moving On, Without Thomas

We made the decision to relocate from the busy road. The “For Sale” sign was a clear indicator that we were on the move.

My neighbor approached me and asked if Thomas was coming with us to the new house. I had been wondering about that and told her so. I felt that if I tried to move Thomas to Castle Forbes Bay, he would set out to find his way home to Cygnet. I said to her that if they wanted to adopt “Tommy” as she called him, that was fine with me. My neighbors were overjoyed to have a cat around the house again.

It’s funny how things work out. Thomas had only been with us for a few months, and now he had found his true forever home. Sometimes things happen for a reason.

And Thomas lived happily ever after....

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