The Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold has a sweet and quiet nature.

The Scottish Fold is a sweet and loving cat despite its unusual appearance.


This cat is especially good for elderly owners due to its placid temperament. The Scottish Fold also has an interesting way of sitting...have a look at the videos below....

Here are the essential facts:


Scottish Fold


10-15 years

Coat Length

Short, dense coat. Long-haired Scottish Folds are available, but are much rarer.

Coat Color

Large variety of colors.

Eye Color

Any color, corresponding to color of coat.


Medium size, round head, large round eyes, looks like an owl. Ears are small and tightly folded. Scottish Fold kittens are born with straight ears and the ears begin to fold at 3 weeks. The kittens who do not develop folded ears are known as Scottish Shorthairs.


No special requirements, no shedding. Long-haired Scottish Folds require about 20 minutes of brushing each week.


Sweet, gentle, affectionate, intelligent, alert, loyal, inactive, calm, never boisterous. They don't speak unless they have something specific to say.

Ideal Owner

Good for family or singles. Especially good for elderly owners, due to their placid temperament.

Child Appropriate?


Suitable for Multi-Cat Household?


Suitable for Multi-Animal Household?



Ideal for apartment or house.

The Scottish Fold
The Scottish Fold is a blend of American and British Shorthairs.

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