The Russian Blue

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is an intelligent companion who is attentive and affectionate, but does not necessarily want to sit all over you.


They are a bit nervous of strangers; once you have their trust, you are theirs. They can be startled easily and for their own safety, it would be better that they are inside cats.

The Russian Blue loves to play and can be trained to do tricks, see them in the videos below. They are a fun cat that is supportive to their owner, they really pay attention!


Russian Blue


10-20 years

Coat Length


Coat Color

Blue, but also black or white on rare occasions.

Eye Color

Bright green as an adult, yellow as a kitten.


Medium size, sleek and elegant.


No grooming required, but they generally enjoy a brushing.  Take care not to overbrush, the coat could be damaged.


Quiet, shy, devoted and affectionate to their owner after settling in.  Easily trained, and loves to chase toys or play fetch.  Nervous of strangers or changes in routine.  Loves to eat; no extra scraps from the table.  He can amuse himself while you're out, but likes attention when you get home.  His feelings can be hurt due to lack of attention.


There are no health problems specific to this breed.  In fact, they are quite a commitment because they can live to 20 years old!

Ideal Owner

Excellent for all cat lovers, especially great for older cat lovers.

Child Appropriate?

Yes, but not young children.

Suitable for Multi-Cat Household?


Suitable for Multi-Animal Household?

Yes, as long as they are gentle.


Excellent for apartment life.

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