The Persian Cat

The Persian Cat is like a fine painting and loves to be admired.

The Persian is a placid cat who loves to pose and allow her subjects to admire her.


This breed is not one to run around madly and get into trouble and they make wonderful apartment cats.

Persians can have some health issues. Researching prospective breeders very carefully is advisable. 

Here are the facts:




10-15 Years

Coat Length

Long, fine hair and lots of it.

Coat Color

Many colors and shades, including white, black, lilac, also tabby, calico and tortoiseshell.

Eye Color

Depends on the coat color; could be blue, copper, green or hazel.


The Persian is very regal. They are of medium size. Their body is short with legs, neck and tail to match. They have a flat face with large round eyes.


Daily grooming is required. Professional grooming at regular intervals is advisable. A "lion" cut could be done in summer, but only by an experienced groomer.


Quiet, affectionate, sweet, gentle. They are devoted to their human after they are settled. Persians like to play, but they could not be called active.


Persians can have health issues, and potential owners should choose a reputable breeder. Persians are more prone than other breeds to PKD (polycystic kidney disease), ringworm, entropion, epiphora or malocclusion of the jaw.

Ideal Owner

The ideal owner would be someone who doesn't mind a cat that sheds and that requires time and attention. Persians are not suited to families with young children.

Child Appropriate?

Older children only. They do not generally want to be part of a boisterous household.

Suitable for Multi-Cat Household?

Yes. And if they are going to be alone often, a companion would be appreciated.

Suitable for Multi-Animal Household?



Due to their coat and temperament, the Persian should be considered an indoor cat. They are perfect for life in an apartment.

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