The Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat has a double coat, making swimming in icy water a snap!

The Norwegian Forest Cat is designed for a cold climate, with thick water-resistant fur and a spectacular tail.


They are not suited for warm climates such as Australia. They are extremely smart cats who are able to amuse themselves if left alone. They love their family, but do not demand constant attention.

If a Skogkatt (their Norwegian name) is an inside cat, he needs a scratching post and a place to perch, preferably with a view of the outside world. They also need toys to keep them busy during their alone time. Their ancestors spent their daily time surviving the Norwegian landscape, so they need to be kept occupied.

Here are their vital statistics:


Norwegian Forest Cat


12-16 years

Coat Length


Coat Color

Most solid shades and patterns.

Eye Color

Depends on color of coat; green, gold, green-gold, copper, blue or odd eyes.


Large cat, hind legs longer than front legs, almond shaped and expressive eyes, long luxuriant tail


At the end of the Winter there will be major shedding, and daily brushing is required. Weekly brushing at other times of year.


Active, intelligent, independent. Affectionate, but not generally a “lap cat.”

Ideal Owner


Child Appropriate?


Suitable for Multi-Cat Household?


Suitable for Multi-Animal Household?

Yes. Keep fish ponds protected. With their waterproof coat, the Norwegian Forest Cat will think nothing of going for a swim for a snack.


Does not always like being inside. They are agile climbers, so a scratching post is beneficial. Because they are a rare and striking cat, they are prime targets for potential cat thieves, so an enclosed outside area with plenty of high ledges is recommended.

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