The Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon is the biggest cat breed in the world.

Maine Coon cats are gentle giants that are people-oriented.


They are reputed to be the biggest domesticated cat in the world, and will take up to five years to grow to maturity. Although a big cat, the Maine Coon has a quiet voice.

Like dogs, a Maine Coon wants to be included in the family’s activities. He is an excellent mouser and will happily chase toys around and around.

Here’s some facts about this gorgeous cat:


The Maine Coon


13 years +

Coat Length

Long, flowing, soft and glossy.

Coat Color

Wide variety of colors, not just brown.

Eye Color

Green, gold. Blue or odd eyes in white cats


Handsome, high cheekbones, long square muzzle, tufted ears and feet, large eyes, glossy waterproof coat, long bushy tail. Males weigh 6-8kg (13-18lb) and females 4-6kg (9-13lb).


The coat is silky and slightly oily, so it is much easier to look after than other long-haired breeds. The coat is maintained by the cat with a weekly brushing by his owner a benefit.


Intelligent, gentle, “dog like”, likes to supervise their owner’s activities, can be trained to accept a leash, fond of water.

Ideal Owner

Families or singles, very people-oriented.

Child Appropriate?


Suitable for Multi-Cat Household?


Suitable for Multi-Animal Household?



House or apartment; if an indoor cat, a heavy based scratching post is advisable.

The Maine Coon Cat is very intelligent.
The Maine Coon likes to be involved in family activities.

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jen says

Loving your website – so informative and easy to read. The childhood cat stories are heartwarming.!!!!! Pruney’s eyes are beautiful – it’s like he’s looking through the venetians!!! The Maine Coon cat looks gorgeous !! I’m sure Vella will find a loving home. Looking forward to more feline adventures !

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