The Furry Intruder

She came through the window at 2am.

She was the cat that came through the window. The Monday of the long weekend was very warm, and I went to sleep with the window open.


At 2am....

The back veranda is enclosed in lattice so the possums can’t get in. I was half asleep at 2am and could hear the radio news starting.

I felt something climbing up the blanket from the floor. I thought I was dreaming. I had not felt this sensation since Bubby was a kitten.

Then there was the loudest purring I had ever heard right in my ear!

I fumbled for the light while holding the furry thing on my chest.

Finally, blinking in the light, I saw a lovely little kitten. Purring loudly and rubbing all over me. My first thought was – my boys must already know her, so I’ll be able to keep her! Just as I had that thought Tux spat and jumped off the bed, and then Bubby looked upset and jumped off the bed.

Obviously, they didn’t know her.

Getting To Know Each Other

I chatted with her for a while. She was very well socialized, her eyes were clear, her fur was lovely and she was definitely not starving. She looked 6 or 8 weeks old. A very little girl.

I got up with her and gave her some cat food. She followed me everywhere. I was calling her “Little Thing”. I didn’t sleep again for the rest of the night. She was just like Bubby at that age, so happy to be loved that she would not settle to sleep and did not stop purring.

I took a photo of her with my phone at 3.10am. If I didn’t have that, the next day I would have thought it was all a dream.

I called the Vet the next day to get her vaccinated and checked out. Thank goodness she couldn’t fit me in until the following night – I was very tired!

I set her up in the second bedroom, and she knew what kitty litter was for. Whoever’s kitten she was, they did a great job with her.

I couldn’t figure it out. I knew I had left the door open at about 7pm trying to get Tux to come inside, and she could have come in then. But based on her behavior, why did she wait until 2am to make her presence known? I think someone I know or who knows me as a soft touch dropped her off in the middle of the night because they knew she would be looked after.

My boys were clearly upset. I tried to introduce them. Tux was so upset he was sick. Bubby just looked very troubled and looked at her as if she were poison. I tried to reason with Bubby. He was once a kitten that needed a home, so couldn't he be charitable? He turned his back, so I guess the answer was a big "no".

Little Thing was so much fun. It was still warm and I was wearing a long skirt. She liked walking between my ankles under the skirt. I had to lock her in the bedroom when I was cooking because it was too dangerous having a little furry thing around my feet.

She looks like she’s perpetually blowing a kiss because her fur is black near her lips. So cute!!!! I decided that if I could keep her, I would call her Marilyn after the beautiful Marilyn Munroe.

The Empty Cage

We finally went to the Vet. It was the most pleasant trip to the vet I ever had; she was too little to have learned to be scared, and merely looked interested.

The Vet loved her too. She wanted to keep her herself. I told her that my boys had made it clear that we couldn’t keep her.

Her partner came in and was marveling at how lovely this kitten was. He remembered that one of their clients from Glendevie had a 4-month-old kitten that was tragically run over a few weeks before. He rang the client then and there. The guy said yes straight away, and he would pick her up the next day.

So I left her there. The Vet told me she would tell the guy that if it didn’t work out, we wanted her back, because she is such a lovely girl, and she deserves a good life.

It was what was meant to happen, but it was very sad going home with an empty cage.

Well, that was a bit of an ad break from the other parts of my life. I hope she is as happy as she deserves to be.

I’ve got the one and only photo of her as wallpaper on my phone – probably not a good idea, but I love seeing her little face. That was in 2009, and the little face is still on my phone

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