The Cat’s Guide Books

The Cat's Guide Books by Debby Rodgers
I hope you don't mind, but I'm doing a post on my own books!


The Cat's Guide to Enjoying Exercise

The Cat's Guide to Enjoying Exercise by Debby Rodgers

"These gorgeous cats are having a great time playing at home, and getting some exercise at the same time! Follow Jonty Bloom as she leads her friends through a fun workout. A children's poem to encourage them to have fun while they exercise."

This book features my lovely cats.  Jonty Bloom is the coach, and Lobo, Shirl and Bubby join in.  It is written for cat lovers and children.  Some of my reviewers have read this book to their children and grandchildren and they seem to like it as a bedtime story book.

My reviewers said "The rhymes were cute and the pictures were adorable" and "What a fun book, both for adults and children."

The book contains around 20 photos with rhymes for each.  If you click through to Amazon, you can have a look at the first few pages of the book.

The Cat's Guide to Enjoying Napping

The Cat's Guide to Enjoying Napping by Debby Rodgers

"Jonty Bloom is back! This time she wants to show you how she and her friends enjoy their napping. Join Jonty Bloom while she visits these funny cats! This is a poem for children and cat lovers containing 21 color images and rhymes."

About half of the images in this book are of my cats.  One reviewer of the first book commented that 21 images was not enough; I have been lucky to get some good shots of my cats, but they don't perform on cue!

A couple of the reviewers of this book said "This is a delightful short read for both kids and adult cat lovers." and "I loved this sweet rhyming story with lots of pictures of cats napping in various places. The simple rhyming words and cute pictures of cats is sure to make it a favorite with all the preschoolers in your life."

Both books are available in Kindle and in print, but seeing the images in color is a definite advantage!

All you cat lovers out there - please let me know what you think!

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