The British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is the teddy bear of the cat world.

British Shorthairs are the huggable teddy bears of the cat world.


They are not demanding of their owner’s time, and tend to get attached to one member of the household. Although they are very affectionate, they would usually prefer not to be carried.

Due to their beauty and their easygoing nature, they are more likely to be stolen. Luckily, they are very happy to be an indoor cat. They are a bit clumsy, less active, and would rather be inside napping.

Here’s what you need to know:


British Shorthair


15 + years

Coat Length

Short, dense coat.

Coat Color

Best known color is British Blue, but also comes in many other colors, including lilac, black, white, tabby.

Eye Color

Copper, Orange, Blue.


Medium to large size, round face, fat cheeks, small ears, medium length tail.


Capable of own grooming, little shedding. A weekly brushing will remove loose hair and prevent hairballs.


Loving, gentle, calm, usually purring. Would rather sit beside their owner than on their lap. Will follow you around, then settle when you stop walking.

Ideal Owner

Elderly people, families, apartment dwellers

Child Appropriate?

Yes, but they prefer not to be carried.

Suitable for Multi-Cat Household?


Suitable for Multi-Animal Household?



Happy to be an indoor cat; great for apartments.

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