The Bengal Cat

The Bengal Cat does not lie around all day.

The Bengal Cat is a way of life. They are not the kind of cat to lie around. They love to climb, are very curious and love water. Keep your toilet seat down!


Your Bengal Cat needs both mental and physical stimulation. They are devoted to their owners and need to have their attention. A cat for experienced cat owners, owning a Bengal is a rewarding and never boring experience!

Make sure you have a look at the videos below to see what to expect with a Bengal in the house.

Here's their essentials:


The Bengal Cat


12-16 years

Coat Length

Short to Medium

Coat Color

Leopard spotted or marble in brown, snow or blue.

Eye Color

Depends on coat color. Gold, green, hazel, blue, blue-green.


Athletic, large, long and sleek, large rounded paws, smaller head in proportion to body.


Easy. Weekly brushing, which they will enjoy.


Full of life, people oriented, playful, curious, faithful, agile, loves water, intelligent. Needs both physical activity and mental stimulation, otherwise they may become destructive due to boredom. Best to have two to keep each other company.

Ideal Owner

Experienced cat person.

Child Appropriate?

For older children.

Suitable for Multi-Cat Household?

Yes. A companion is desirable if they are going to be left alone regularly.

Suitable for Multi-Animal Household?



Keep the toilet seat down; they love water. Provide vertical territory such as cat trees, window perches. Only allow outside on a cat leash.

The Bengal is an action cat.
The Bengal cat rarely sits still.

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