The American Shorthair Cat

The American Shorthair is a wonderful companion with a very even temper.

The American Shorthair Cat is very calm, sociable and intelligent. This cat would fit in with any household.


They have retained their hunting ability, and they like to use those skills of superior observation and quick response for playing with interactive toys.

Any American Shorthair will appreciate being able to sit next to you on the couch but they prefer not to be picked up.

Here's what you need to know:​


The American Shorthair


15-20 years

Coat Length

Short, thick coat.

Coat Color

More than 80 colors and shades, tabby (classic, mackerel or patched), tortoiseshell.

Eye Color

Blue, copper, green, gold, hazel. odd-eyed.


Medium size, muscular body, large head with full cheeks, “M” shape in fur color on forehead.  Will continue to grow until 3-4 years old.  weight needs to be monitored to prevent obesity.


Comb coat and hand stroke for neatness and sheen.


Intelligent, calm, sociable, easily trained, active, playful, a good hunter due to ancestry of barn and working cats, doesn’t mind being a lap cat, but retains independence.

Ideal Owner

Ideal family pet, also great for singles and first-time cat owners

Child Appropriate?


Suitable for Multi-Cat Household?


Suitable for Multi-Animal Household?



Ideal for house or apartment. They love to sit at a window and watch the world go by, especially the birds.

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