Introducing Your Cat To The Cat Door

Introducing your cat to the cat door

Cat doors are a great invention for you and your cat.


Your cat will feel in control of his surroundings with the freedom to come and go as he pleases. It is preferable to have a cat door that only your cat can enter to stop the neighborhood cats and other assorted species from making your kitchen their second home. The best door I have come across is the SureFlap.

The door can go through most of the walls of your house, for example, wood or other material wall or door, glass door or window. I was babysitting once and heard a little pop and then jumped ten feet when a black and white cat jumped into my lap. The cat door was in the wall behind the armchair.

When you have installed the cat door, you need to be patient with your cat, I promise it will be worth it in the long run.

  • If this is your cat’s first cat door, it might be better to start with the cat on the outside, so that when he comes through, he will emerge in familiar surroundings.
  • Prop the door open with a pen, screwdriver, or use adhesive tape.
  • Position yourself on the other side of the door, preferably kneeling on the floor. I know it is not particularly elegant, but being at cat door level communicates with your cat exactly where you are.
  • Call your cat, and encourage him. He will give the opening a good sniff, his whiskers will decide if he can fit through, and gradually he will come through to you. Give him a treat. Repeat the process going the other way.
  • Don’t worry if it takes a few goes to see them walk through the door. Don’t force your cat through the cat door, because this will give him negative feelings about the whole idea of going through.
  • Gradually close the door over the next day or so to get him used to using his nose and paws to get the door open.
  • Tell him what a smart cat he is, give him the highest encouragement that he understands.
  • If your cat has used cat doors before, he will probably only need to be shown the door and the door opening, and he will get the idea.

Soon you can sit down and get comfortable, knowing you won’t need to get up and answer the door for your furry housemate.

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