“Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat That Touched The World” Book Review

Dewey The Library Cat Book Review

Dewey’s day started badly on January 18, 1988. It was 12 degrees below zero and a cruel person had placed him in a cold metal library return slot.


The kitten was freezing, starving and dirty. His luck changed when the library staff arrived and emptied the return slot. They were shocked to find the little ball of fluff who had almost lost his voice from crying. He was so dirty that they couldn’t even tell what color he was.

The author of the book, Vicki Myron, gave him a warm bath and Dewey purred the entire time. This was the beginning a new life for him, for Vicki and the people of Spencer Iowa.

Dewey was made an employee of the library and he served with gentle grace. He loved people and just about everybody loved him.

This is the story of Dewey, but it is also the story of his “Mom”, Vicki Myron and the town of Spencer Iowa. Spencer was still trying to rise up from the farm crisis of the 1980s, and Dewey provided a distraction to people going through hard times.

This is a beautiful story, with the human elements told in an honest and direct manner. It made me laugh and it made me cry. And it sent me scurrying to the internet to see if he was there. You know the answer to that!

The video below is the piece the Japanese team took, where Dewey would just not do his wave in front of the camera.

Here you can see Dewey doing the wave…

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