Cats Sit Where They Want to Sit

Cats Sit Where They Want To Sit

My cat, Tux, knows where he wants to sit.


A workmate of mine came to visit a couple of months ago, and I lent her a pair of socks because it was a bit chilly that day. Those socks have come in handy for me too, and the last few nights I’ve left them on the couch.

Well, Tux thought they were pretty cool. Here he is on Friday night on "his" socks.

Tux on socks

And he takes any opportunity. Last week it was rainy, and when I got home from work my coat and scarf were very damp. I put them under the air conditioner to dry out a bit. This is what I saw about half an hour later.

Tux on coat

We did some remodeling at Cygnet, and had a pile of building items to be taken to the tip.  Tux thought we put it there for him!

Cat owners will understand this: I delayed taking the debris away until Tux lost interest.

Tux sitting on rubbish

Once, Tux even decided that he wanted to use a piece of firewood as a pillow!

Tux on wood

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