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“Rescued Kitties” Book Review

“Rescued Kitties: A Collection of Heart-Warming Cat Stories” is a delightful collection of stories told by real people.

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The Norwegian Forest Cat has a double coat, making swimming in icy water a snap!

The Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is designed for a cold climate, with thick water-resistant fur and a spectacular tail.

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The Cat That God Sent Book Review

“The Cat That God Sent” Book Review

“The Cat that God Sent” by Jim Kraus is a charming book set in the small town of Coudersport, Pennsylvania. We get a direct insight into what Petey, the Cat that God Sent, is thinking and planning...

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Keep your cat safe

How To Keep Your Cat Safe

We love our cats and we want to keep them safe and happy.

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Mistletoe Magic Book Review

A Christmas Cat Book for the Ladies

Give me a Christmas romance with a kitten in the story, and I’m happy.

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If Tux was a two-legged person, he'd live in Manhatten.

Toorak Tux

If Tux, my cat, was a two-legged person, he would choose to live in Manhattan, Melbourne or Mayfair. He has earned the nickname of Toorak Tux, after a flash part of Melbourne, Australia.

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The Bengal Cat does not lie around all day.

The Bengal Cat

The Bengal Cat is a way of life. They are not the kind of cat to lie around. They love to climb, are very curious and love water. Keep your toilet seat down!

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Cats On Leashes

How To Leash Train A Cat

Cats are independent creatures. But with gentle and intuitive training, you can train your cat to wear a harness and leash. It’s best to start training when your cat is young, but older cats can be trained

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Inherited Kittens – Lobo

Lobo walked into my living room and into my heart and then skedaddled out the cat door. He had been badly treated in his short life and did not trust people.

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Dewey The Library Cat Book Review

“Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat That Touched The World” Book Review

Dewey’s day started badly on January 18, 1988. It was 12 degrees below zero and a cruel person had placed him in a cold metal library return slot.

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Birmans are playful and might even play a game of fetch.

The Birman Cat

I once knew a lovely Birman named Nibbsy. He was gentle and affectionate and loved his family. He seemed to want to contribute to the household. He was a beautiful boy.

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The cat that chose us

The Cat That Chose Us

When I was 10, the cat that I had received as a gift at the age of 4 died.

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She came through the window at 2am.

The Furry Intruder

She was the cat that came through the window. The Monday of the long weekend was very warm, and I went to sleep with the window open.

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