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The Cat's Guide Books by Debby Rodgers

The Cat’s Guide Books

I hope you don't mind, but I'm doing a post on my own books!

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Thomas had been at the shelter for a long time, and was not happy about it.

Thomas, The Cranky Cat

Thomas had been at the Shelter for over a year. He was not happy about it.

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If Tux was a two-legged person, he'd live in Manhatten.

Toorak Tux

If Tux, my cat, was a two-legged person, he would choose to live in Manhattan, Melbourne or Mayfair. He has earned the nickname of Toorak Tux, after a flash part of Melbourne, Australia.

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Inherited Kittens – Lobo

Lobo walked into my living room and into my heart and then skedaddled out the cat door. He had been badly treated in his short life and did not trust people.

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The cat that chose us

The Cat That Chose Us

When I was 10, the cat that I had received as a gift at the age of 4 died.

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She came through the window at 2am.

The Furry Intruder

She was the cat that came through the window. The Monday of the long weekend was very warm, and I went to sleep with the window open.

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The Top 10 Habits of Cats

The Top 10 Habits of Cats

Bubby and Tux granted me an interview to chat about what's important in life.

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Inherited Kittens: Jonty Bloom

Inherited Kittens – Jonty Bloom

I fell in love with a 93-year old house in Cygnet in 2003. It needed a lot of work, but I loved it, and I bought it.

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My Early Years With Cats And Mum

My Early Years with Cats (and Mum)

At the time that my Mum died, my niece and nephews were too young to know how wise and funny Mum was, so I wrote a document to try to tell them about her.

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