Cat Doors – The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

My cats and I have experienced all sorts of cat doors and entering/exiting scenarios.


Past Cat Doors

Pruney has used the bathroom window in two houses. There were holes in the back doors in a couple of houses. We have even met a cat who uses his cat door as a doorbell. He refuses to walk through the cat door; he waits for his owner to open the human door.

The SureFlap

In the past, all sorts of creatures had come through the old cat doors: a bird, a possum, a feral cat. Now, only my cats can come through the door, thanks to the microchip technology of SureFlap.

The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door is a dream come true

Due to the unpredictable nature of the creatures who might use my former cat doors, my cats have known since they were adopted that they had to choose if they wanted to be in or out when I was leaving the house. My white cat, Pruney, got really good at this – when I picked up my keys he would run to the door if he wanted to be out for the day.

When I was working evenings last year, I would get home at about 11pm to find a sad, cold cat by the door. The first evening with the SureFlap cat door, I got home to find him curled up on the couch.

The SureFlap door has been much appreciated in the last couple of months with Vella, the stray who wanted so much to come inside. And who was willing to fight my cats for the privilege. I couldn’t allow her inside because my boys would have no safe place to go.

Tux still sits and waits to be let out and in at the glass sliding door beside the SureFlap door. He only uses any cat door when I am not at home, or in emergencies, like when Vella was chasing him. That’s just the sort of person he is.

Some Tips

I like to put something in front of the door when it is closed so that nobody hurts their nose trying to go through. At night, I use a large straw placemat. Sometimes in the morning I find the placemat pushed aside, but at least they had the warning that the cat door might not be open.

It is important to clean the unit every couple of months. There is a cleaning video in the FAQS page.  It was easy, but make sure you rinse the door surfaces after you clean them.  The first time I cleaned them, Bubby wouldn't walk in through the door due to the chemical smell.

I was a bit worried about the whole registering the microchip number in the door thing. It’s so easy. After removing the battery door, just set the unit to “learn” mode. The light will flash, and when the cat has gone through the door and the microchip has registered, the light will go out. So you don’t need to be watching, and you don’t need to force your cat through the door.

The SureFlap website has a frequently asked questions page, which I found very helpful.

The SureFlap door replaced the old cat door, so there was already a hole in the wall. I didn’t actually install the SureFlap door myself. The carpenter who did some work in my kitchen installed it for me with no problems.

I am not planning on moving again, but if I did, the SureFlap would be on my “to do” list

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