“The Cats that Surfed the Web” Book Review

The Cats That Surfed The Web Book Review

The story starts with a prologue which I found uncomfortable to read. The setting is chilly and the tone is sinister.


Then the darkness is swept away as we join Katherine “Katz” Kendall in her life in New York City.

“The Cats that Surfed the Web” by Karen Anne Golden is a murder mystery with supernatural overtones, set first in New York City, and then in Erie, Indiana. Katz learns that her great aunt, whom she has never met, has died and Katz is the main beneficiary of the estate. Katz will inherit forty-four million dollars, providing that she satisfies two criteria. They are that she lives in her great aunt’s house for at least a year, and that she look after her great aunt’s cat.

Katz makes her way to Erie, Indiana with her friend Colleen along for support. I think I was more excited about the move to Erie than Katz. To inherit a glorious old house in a beautiful rural area with enough money to take care of you for the rest of your life would be a dream come true.

The story gets interesting after their arrival. Her great aunt had promised her fortune to some of the townspeople and then she changed her will. Would somebody prefer that Katz did not stay in the house for the required year?

Katz and Colleen are a good match. Katz is very thoughtful and logical where Colleen, the ghost hunter, seems to be more emotional and impulsive. And all four cats have their own personality, right down to their vocabulary.

The story is written with a casual sense of humor, and the conversations between Katz and Colleen reflect this. The author obviously has cats of her own. Putting the alarm clock in the drawer? Who would think of this but a cat owner? After seeing her cat, Lilac running around like a mad thing on the first morning in the new house, Katz is very relaxed in her reply. “Who won the steeplechase?”

The town of Erie sounds like a wonderful place after the hustle and bustle of New York City. Katz’s first impression is “a miniature model railroad town”. The old pink mansion is clear in my mind thanks to the detailed and loving descriptions.

I’ll be reading the next book in the series, “The Cats that Chased the Storm," so I can find out how Colleen’s second date went.

I would recommend this book to take your mind off a plane flight, or for sitting in front of the fire.

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