“The Cat That God Sent” Book Review

The Cat That God Sent Book Review

“The Cat that God Sent” by Jim Kraus is a charming book set in the small town of Coudersport, Pennsylvania. We get a direct insight into what Petey, the Cat that God Sent, is thinking and planning.


I would describe this book as quirky, interesting, fanciful, but with a dash of real life thrown in.

Jake, the new Pastor, has a bit of a history himself, which helps him to connect with his somewhat unruly congregation. Petey the cat walks into his new life, and the cat and the Pastor help each other. The cat even draws more people to Church with his actions.

Of course, where there is a cat, there must be a Vet. This Vet is a strong and independent female named Emma.

Their romance is somewhat halting due to both bringing their baggage along.

The supporting characters are really well drawn, each with their own distinct personality. My favorite is Eleanor, the perceptive wife of grumpy old Vern, a Church elder. Petey’s opinion of her is “I like this old human. She smells like vanilla pudding.” And Winston the bulldog “Of course Winston wanted a treat and tried to jump but mostly just raised his shoulders a bit.”

At times I wondered about the purpose of this cat’s presence, apart from increasing the congregation. The arrival of Tassy, the girl who walked into town, is the beginning of a small miracle.

As my Mum used to say, everything happens for a reason, and everything always works out.

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