“The Cat in the Window” Book Review

The Cat In The Window Book Review

If you love cats, this is the book for you. It’s a collection of true short stories that range from funny to poignant, but all of them are riveting and heartwarming.


The title story, The Cat in the Window, is written by the editor, Callie Smith Grant. When I read about Percy, I was waiting in a hospital for a scan, and this story made me forget completely where I was and what I was worried about.

I was particularly taken with Percy, being a white cat like Pruney, the header cat who watches over my blog. I love this description of Percy:

“Now the big white cat enjoys all the windows of his home. When Mary Ann mows the lawn, he moves from open window to open window to watch her work and to breathe in the fragrances of the outdoors.”

This book is full of real life, real problems, real joys.

I believe that certain events are meant to happen, and some stories in this book bear this out. The great Melody Carlson (www.melodycarlson.com) has contributed the very curious “An Uncanny Cat Story”, which makes you stop and think.

And the unlikely cat owners. I love those stories. “Fetching Ez” by the late David Manuel is one example. It’s the story of Ez, the lighthouse cat who fits right in.

Dusty Rainbolt (www.dustycatwriter.com) presents the comical “How an Abandoned Cat Changed My Life”. With such quotes as “You can’t fight Kitty Hall” and “Mom and her babies waltzed into my life twenty five years ago. I guess that means I’m now eligible for my silver water bowl.”, I found this story very entertaining. Dusty edits www.AdoptAShelter.com, which offers a practical way to help animals in need.

I loved this book, and it will be one of those books that I read again and again.

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