“Rescued Kitties” Book Review

“Rescued Kitties: A Collection of Heart-Warming Cat Stories” is a delightful collection of stories told by real people.


The editors, GF Klassen and LG Taylor, state in the Foreword: “In order to keep the ‘flavor’ of each story, there has been minimal editing." For this reason, each author’s voice shines through.

Cats have a tendency to walk into our lives and take over, to our benefit. That is the beginning of most of these stories. The very first story starts with “I wasn’t looking for a new cat”. I just re-read that story as I am writing this. I couldn’t resist! Then there is a surprise at the end: a photo of Jack!

The vast majority of these stories are happy stories. However, there is one called “Ugly” which has a warning that it is an emotional story. It certainly is, but his story needs to be told. It’s about a cat who is let down by humans. This cat has a beautiful, loving soul, but it is a very sad story. I’ve read it twice, and cried both times. I just wish I could have adopted Ugly.

I’m really glad I purchased this book. I can totally relate to the people who have their lives slightly “adjusted” by a little ball of fluff!

It is available both on Kindle and as a paperback.

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