A Christmas Cat Book for the Ladies

Mistletoe Magic Book Review

Give me a Christmas romance with a kitten in the story, and I’m happy.


Mistletoe Magic by Melissa McClone is a sweet story of a small Christmas miracle, or maybe two.

The story is set in Marietta, a small town in Montana, so a white Christmas is a certainty. Caitlin is housesitting in a beautiful family home, a welcome respite from her apartment above the garage.

Meanwhile, there’s a new Vet in town. Noah has spent the last seven years working on his life’s calling to help animals. “These days he didn’t have time to date. Sleep was his favorite hobby.”

Noah had come to Marietta as part of a program that helped Veterinarians pay for their education in exchange for service in a rural area. “No sense making each of the remaining one thousand seventy-four days miserable.” He’s counting the days until he keeps the bargain, but soon he might be treasuring each day left.

The first miracle is that Caitlin finds a kitten lying in the snow in time to save the tiny cat’s life.

There is a second miracle regarding Noah and Caitlin, but I'll let you discover what it is.

I really enjoyed this story, and it might just become one of my Christmas traditions.

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